In family

In family

Leisure Center of Chemillé-sur-Indrois

A few minutes from Beaumont-Village, passing through the village of Montrésor classified “Most beautiful village of France”, made a sporty and refreshing stop on the lake of Indrois. You can laze on the beach but also do a lot of activities such as sailing, pedal boating, canoeing, fishing, fishing and petanque. Adept of walking or running? The fitness trail is for you!

Beauval Zoo

Only twenty minutes from the cottage “La Chaumière de Beaumont”, you can spend a day in the zoo elected “The most beautiful zoo in France” and in the top 5 most beautiful zoos in the world! Just that ! On more than 40 hectares, the Zoo-Parc de Beauval includes more than 10,000 animals of 600 different species, including the very rare giant pandas, unique in France. We like to remind our guests that beyond presenting species to the general public, the ZooParc actively participates in the preservation of biodiversity, supporting more than 40 conservation and research programs around the world. The association “Beauval Nature” enjoys a scientific recognition and a knowledge base unique in the world by all associate members. It is thus at the center of the global debate on the protection of the environment and natural resources. And that’s not nothing! We advise you to prepare your day well because the Zoo-Park is very large and without organization, you risk to miss the flagship events organized every day: bird shows and sea lions, educational events, feeding animals … If you come with your family and your child is a fan of animals, he can live memorable experiences that you must book in advance: junior healer, budding healer, zoo’camp, healer for a day … All you have to do now is let yourself be guided and walk along the zoo paths with your eyes wide open on this magnificent animal world!

The park of mini-castles

At the Parc Mini-Châteaux located a few minutes from Amboise, admire all the castles of the Loire Valley on a scale 1 / 25th, highlighted by the designers of art. Discover more than 40 chateaux of the Loire Valley and other architectural treasures. For the youngest, disguised as a princess or a knight, ride Chato gallop, a circuit of horses on mechanical rail, pilot your Bugatti or drive your remote-controlled boat around the Chanteloup pagoda.

The aquarium of Touraine

In Lussault-sur-Loire, near Amboise, the Grand Aquarium of Touraine offers young and old eight universes to discover aquatic species. We advise our guests to spend two good hours to take the time to discover all these worlds quietly.

The universe “At the source of the Loire” includes 9 pools for a total of 190,000 liters of water heated to 14 °! At its creation, in the mountains, the Loire offers a fresh water environment rich in oxygen. It is the privileged environment for trout, salmon and other small fish that evolve in settings as varied as a torrent, a mountain lake and at the foot of a mill wheel. The rivers then expand to form the middle course where other fish evolve.

The “Hand in the water” universe includes 10 pools for a total of 12,000 liters of water heated to 18 °! Immerse yourself in a setting of banks of the Loire, dive your hand in the basin in search of a privileged contact with koi carp. Carefully caress these domesticated fish without frightening them and participate in their feeding during planned times. Continue with the discovery of special species in the cabin of the naturalist.

The universe “On the banks of the Loire” is a tunnel of 750,000 liters of water heated to 18 °. Passing through this tunnel 30 meters long fresh cold water, you will discover the largest species of live fish in the major part of the Loire and in the ponds. You can see carp, sturgeon and predators such as pike, zander or black bass.

The universe “The fear of the black” is a silurium of 100,000 liters of water heated to 18 °. A twilight atmosphere allows you to plunge into the world of the night. So you can see the large catfish swim around a bridge made of wood on the model of Bir Hakeim bridge by the team of the aquarium. You will discover the eels that come out of their hiding places!

The universe “The Dream Room” is a transition between the previous cold freshwater universes and the tropical space. This room offers temporary exhibitions and four terrariums heated to 24 ° and presenting the poison frogs, toxic frogs of the tropical rain forests.

The universe of “Tropical Waters” is composed of 19 basins for a total of 130,000 liters of water heated to 25 °. These warm fresh waters welcome different animals from tropical countries. You move in the midst of aquatic reptiles and fish with very particular shapes and behaviors. A semi-open basin also proposes to you to discover a mangrove, coastal zone of transition between the fresh water of the tropical rivers and the sea water.

The universe “From the reef to the sea bottom” is composed of 17 basins for a total of 8,100 liters of water heated from 24 ° to 10 ° depending on the basins. This part of the Aquarium, divided into 2 spaces, introduces you to marine animals. The porthole corridor shows the biodiversity found in coral reefs in the tropics. As for the bathyscaphe, this exploration submarine makes it possible to see the evolution of the populations of animals according to the depths.

The 15-meter long shark tunnel, with its 300,000 liters of seawater heated to 24 ° C, features Indo-Pacific seas species including the Australian Great Barrier Reef. Black tip sharks and white spikes pass over you and in the middle of multicolored fish such as fish surgeons, butterflies, ballista and damselflies.

We advise our guests to take the program of animations and feeding times of marine species to miss nothing! This aquarium has delighted our guests from the smallest to the largest 😉

Château de Cheverny and the permanent exhibition “Tintin at the Château de Moulinsart”
Haddock, Snowy, Castafiore and the others … they are all here!

You guessed it, the real stars of the place are not the castellans, but rather Tintin and his comrades of adventure. It’s big as a house: Cheverny is the life-size replica of the Moulinsart castle! However, Hergé, the author of Tintin, never went to Cheverny and was simply inspired by a brochure dating from the 30s. Immerse yourself in the heart of a timeless drawn saga through the permanent exhibition and interactive on 700 m² in the heart of Moulin de … pardon, Castle Cheverny!


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