The Zoo-Parc de Beauval

The Zoo-Parc de Beauval

The Zoo-Parc de Beauval
Only twenty minutes from the cottage “La Chaumière de Beaumont”, you can spend a day in the zoo elected “The most beautiful zoo in France” and in the top 5 most beautiful zoos in the world! Just that !

On more than 40 hectares, the Zoo-Parc de Beauval includes more than 10,000 animals of 600 different species, including the very rare giant pandas, unique in France.
We like to remind our guests that beyond presenting species to the general public, the Zoo-Parc actively participates in the preservation of biodiversity, supporting more than 40 conservation and research programs around the world. The association “Beauval Nature” enjoys a scientific recognition and a knowledge base unique in the world by all associate members. It is thus at the center of the global debate on the protection of the environment and natural resources. And that’s not nothing!

We advise you to prepare your day well because the Zoo-Park is very large and without organization, you risk to miss the flagship events organized every day: bird shows and sea lions, educational events, feeding animals …

If you come with your family and your child is a fan of animals, he can live memorable experiences that you must book in advance: junior healer, budding healer, zoo’camp, healer for a day …

All you have to do now is let yourself be guided and walk along the zoo paths with your eyes wide open on this magnificent animal world!

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